Down the Road is the first episode of Party Boiz.


Gupta and the rest of the Party Boiz have adventures in everyday life.


Jamal returns home after a day of work. He is greeted by Gupta and Shaq, who are in the living room. Jamal sees Shaq slitting his wrist and asks Gupta what he's doing. Gupta explains that Shaq's cutting himself, only for him to correct him by telling him to go "down the road, not across it". He then pushes the knife up Shaq's arm, killing him. Gupta and Jamal then pose dramatically after 2 seconds of awkwardness.

We then see Gupta and Jamal in Gupta's room. He introduces Sandra to him, explaining that she is his sex slave and prized possession. Jamal then chastises Gupta for choosing to have sex with his sister. Gupta refuses to listen to Jamal and walks away, holding Sandra by the feet. Jamal and Gupta are then seen in the kitchen. Jamal asks Gupta about the whereabouts of Sandra, only to be told that he ate her. The two then dramatically pose again.

Jamal then goes to Store, where Gupta works. Both Jamal and Clarisse enter Store and are greeted. Jamal then sees Clarisse shoplift a bag of "pop". He alerts Gupta, only for them to gasp for an uncomortable amount of time. Clarisse suddenly disappears. Jamal asks where she went. Gupta replies with "My torture chamber!"

Clarisse is then shown trapped in a chair on her side in a catacombs below the kitchen of the house. Jamal questions her orientation until Gupta tells him that the chair belonged to Shaq and so it's thin. He then asks Sandra to release a toxic fume into the catacombs to knock Clarisse out. Sandra presses the button and fumes spew out and into the depths. Later, Shaq goes down and places a party hat on her. We then see all 5 Party Boiz pose dramatically.




  • This episode marks the first appearance of all five Party Boiz.

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